In connection with the adopted laws reforming the education system – education law and provisions introducing the education law – we would like to inform you that we have established a primary school and are recruiting.

What has the reform changed?
  • Pursuant to the education reform, 8-year primary school, 4-year general high school, 5-year technical secondary school, two-stage industry and post-secondary schools were established.
  • Junior high schools will be liquidated.
  • The changes are being introduced gradually from the 2017/2018 school year.
  • A new core curriculum was introduced to schools from the same year. The first to be taught in accordance with it are students in grades I, IV and VII of primary school, class I of the vocational school, class I of the special school preparing for work, and students of the first semester of post-secondary school.
  • staff consisting of subject teachers, pedagogues, speech therapists, psychologists and psychiatrists – a total of over 40 highly qualified specialists who are at their full disposal every day to teach, support, care and help our students,
  • free home-school-home transport for students with psychological and pedagogical counseling certificates,
  • didactic program based on the principles of the Catholic education system with emphasis on close contact between teachers and parents.
  • school for children aged 5 – 15,
  • extended learning of two foreign languages to choose from: English, German, French, Russian,
  • extracurricular sports activities, among others swimming pool, gym,
  • thematic circles of interest,
  • extended computer science program,
  • psychological classes, including: music therapy, dog therapy, exercises to combat school stress, addiction prevention, speech therapy, psychological and pedagogical therapy,
  • therapeutic classes for adolescents with autism, Asperger syndrome, ADHD, dyslexia and combined dysfunctions,
  • free specialist medical care at the HERBRAND medical center with the latest rehabilitation and medical equipment,
  • individual teaching at home for disabled students.
  • one-time registration fee is PLN 100.00,
  • monthly tuition in the amount of PLN 200.00 is charged only during the school year, without the holiday period.